Statistics and facts about Online Dating in 2019

Online Dating Statistics 2019.

Here you will find a summary of important facts and statistics of the German Online Dating market.

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General facts and statistics on the German Dating market.

The following facts and statistics reveal more practice the structure of the German Online Dating market:

Nearly 17 million Germans are single. In Germany there are over 2,500 different kinds of single exchanges – one of the biggest groups of Dating sites to flirt and chat, Dating Agency for the search of the Partner for life and Casual Dating sites for casual Sex are. Including a lot of very specific pages – for example, there are Online Dating services specifically for Vegans, Goths, or Swabia.

Meanwhile, the most popular device for the Online Dating is the Smartphone that goes the Computer or Laptop. The proportion of women in Online Dating in Germany is, on average, almost 45% – this number can however, vary from offer to offer: In the case of Dating Apps are men, with an average of 68%, clearly in the Majority, while on Casual Dating sites like C-Date women are well represented, with 59% stronger. The average male Online Dater is on average a bit older than the average woman: 75% of the male Dater are under 35, in the case of the women it is even 85% .

Numbers of users and new signups on Online Dating portals.

User numbers and registrations of Online Dating portals of any kind recorded in Germany with a strong growth.

Between 2003 and 2017, about 5 million new active users on Dating came platforms in Germany. In 2017 there were thus 8.6 million active users. The number of registered Profiles is significantly higher – a total of about 135 million are to be reported. 3 out of 10 Germans use Online Dating, where the most of the paid portals are used .

Dating at the right time in the right place.

Proved it is known to determine when and where to flirt online:

The best time to be on Online Dating platforms and to thus send news Sunday is in the evening – here are the most Singles are online! In General, the evening hours are the most popular time to chat online and to flirt and to also receive a quick response. To find the best time of the year when it comes to Online Dating is a great luck, the winter months are : In the run-up to Christmas to Valentine’s day, the market is booming – there are more active users and new signups.

Success in Online Dating: profile pictures and texts.

For the greatest success there is a need for an attractive profile images and text, are the A and O:

In order to have the greatest success when Online Dating, should be uploaded in the profile 4-5 photos. The decision on whether to take this as an attractive true, is made within a few seconds.

Statistics and facts about Online Dating in 2019 What comes to images

Women in Online Dating and a photo on your profile, be double contacted so often. Profiles, in which both components – i.e., image and Text are present, be considered as trusted, and thus have more success. Women use on average older profile photos ( 1 1/2 years old ) than men ( 1/2 year old ). What comes to images, not least gender-dependent, While Selfies of women arrive, mostly good, Selfies of men evaluated more negatively.

Statistics and facts about Online Dating in 2019 to evolve

For both, the following applies: A profile picture convinced most likely, if it gets positive emotions when compared To, and good character traits, associate can – for example, through a Smile. Extra tip: taking A photo outside in daylight makes the complexion much better rays than artificial room lighting. Almost 30% of German men and almost 20% of German women have only upload 1-2 photos in your profile .

Smart Online Dating: Artificial intelligence, Algorithms and a personality test.

The technologies of the Online Dating providers continue to evolve, so that the proposals of potential partners is now significantly influenced by artificial intelligence .

Behind around 10% of Dating App Profiles not only Fakes, but also Bots are hidden – here, the risk of rip-off attempts: “Female Bots” to lure men to have Sex-and in subscription-Fall. Chat Bots are used now for marketing purposes – Netflix promoted on Tinder in January 2019, a new series by the main character was allowed to occur with its own profile. But this was also marked as an advertisement (“Ad”).

Statistics and facts about Online Dating in 2019 are looking for

Dating Apps such as Tinder use the so-called “Elo Score” to generate as many Matches: The popularity of users is ranked the “Desirability Score” provides data on the placement of the user in the Feeds of others. More information in the profile help to a better placement. Scientific personality test, how they are to be found in partner agencies, are mostly based on the so-called “5-factor model” (openness, responsibility, Extraversion, agreeableness, emotionality).

Apps such as Spotted or Happn are using ” Geo-Tagging “, to persons, to propose, which were formerly in the immediate vicinity. The App Huggle shows partner suggestions from people who have vertaggt ever in the same place on Instagram or Facebook. Among the most popular practices of artificial intelligence, the “Gale-Shapley algorithm, for example,” This analyzes the Dating behavior, i.e. what are the users of a zusagem, and provides corresponding suggestions, in order to increase the Chance for a suitable Match .

Chances of success in Online Dating.

The popularity and social recognition of Online Dating is rising steadily .

Most of the Online Dater in search of a partnership and of the great love – the probability to find someone who means it, are so high. Who meet online are happier than couples who met in real life. It comes in men, well, if women make in Online Dating the first step – the first message should be original and personally .

Negative facts: The dark side of Online Dating.

To look Online for a Partner can also bring negative aspects .

Many members quest online to find a Partner that is on average 25% more attractive than themselves – the attractiveness is measured by the number of the received letters. Statistics and facts about Online Dating in 2019 German Online Dating market
The use of Dating Apps is usually only in passing, so that the individual profiles will be very little attention has been paid – another reason to place very much value on the profile picture. It would make more sense to take a Minute, the potential partners Carefully under the microscope. About 24% of the male Online Dater are already awarded and yet to appropriate portals, logged, women: 14% .

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