Zwinkr Review September 2019 – Here is a Wink!

Zwinkr Review September 2019 - Here is a Wink!

Zwinkr Review September 2019 - Here is a Wink! in the Test of September 2019.

Uncomplicated registration with Facebook Casual Dates, and Flirts possible use by mobile phone very comfortable a Lot of Fakes, in spite of a fake check in search results is often very low, a few members in Germany.

The Registration Process Will Be: 2.5 /5 Contact: 2,5 /5 Profile Information: 2,5 /5 App: Practice Test: 2,5 /5.

Our Test Report.

Zwinkr of the big Dating-App-providers, such as Tinder and co comes in style. therefore. It is a young Community, in which the erotic aspect is highlighted. There are numerous photos that can only be made after a FSK18 Check looked find .

The main focus will be on the lookout for an adventure, a Flirt, or simply an erotic conversation. Unlike Tinder Zwinkr but is not available as an App, which is probably on the erotic Content .

Mobile use is still not possible, the mobile Version is well designed and easy to use. Zwinkr is the right platform for the young and young-at-heart people who are longing for loose contacts .

Anyone who is registered here?

You will receive a personal profile which you can fill out a Lot of fake profiles on-the-go Animated Profiles by Zwinkr Often used there are no physical contacts possible a Few real profiles fake check is not a guarantee for authenticity.

Age between 18 and 25 years – 40 percent between ages 26 and 35 years – 40 percent of age above 36 years – 20 percent.

Zwinkr is a very fake-heavy Portal, what we noticed in the Test directly. Since women use the Portal for free, once you have gone through a fake check, is the proportion of high. The fake check is not a guarantee for authenticity, because it is only a photo, it must be with the user name uploaded. If the woman is a model or, indeed, contacts can not be concluded .

It should be added that in the case of Zwinkr animated Profiles are used. In the terms and conditions it is apparent that discussions on the part of Zwinkr can be moderated, and that with the appropriate interlocutors, there was no physical contact is possible .

We had the feeling, that approximately 80 percent of the woman’s profiles is not real. Quickly this impression, if clear messages are sent, or on the profile, left is confirmed. It works unfortunately not very credible, if very pretty, young women-hearted offer too open.

The registration process.

Login via Facebook possible-Fast login E-mail address profile position well-structured and designed photo upload from the hard drive or by Webcam possible Matching is defined according to the search criteria .

The application to Zwinkr not take longer than three minutes. If You have it especially easy, You can register via Facebook. It is not extra noted that Zwinkr posts in Your name on Facebook and Your friends will receive any information about Your registration .

The profile is well-structured and varies between free text and information that You can select with a mouse click. In addition, the possibility of a profile image and several more images to upload. You can also use the Webcam of Your computer and direct a picture for Upload on the PC shoot. Before Your photos appear in the profile, you will be checked by the provider. If you do not meet the image guidelines will be rejected the images .

A personality test does not have Zwinkr, You will receive only Matching suggestions, if You’ve got Your search entered. To Refine Your search results, You have to choose from a predefined selection you have three Profiles to suit Your taste. The further selection of the images that are shown to You based .


Contact via “wink” possible Two free messages for basic members have Limited Message set for Premium users, Maximum message length, very limited basis, members can not read messages Live Chat for direct replacement available.

Do you have after Your registration as a basic member at Zwinkr two Free-Mails that You can send to users of Your choice. These emails are consumed, You need to select a Premium membership, to continue to chat .

Zwinkr Review September 2019 - Here is a Wink!

Note, however, that even in the case of the Standard Premium membership only to a quota of 20 messages is included. In the most expensive model You’ve got at least 100 messages. A lot of this is not, however, because You are allowed to use per message, only 350 characters. So it is that You need to purchase Coins to send more messages .

On the Coinpreise Zwinkr is silent, however, nowhere on the page, we found a note on the cost.

The other members to take a very quick way to contact You, regardless of how far Your profile is already expanded. Unfortunately, a note on fake profiles. Most of the contacts take place via a “wink”. You get only one message from the System, that profile XYZ gave You a wink.

To find all contacts, You have several options. If You have specified Your search criteria, then You are shown profile photos of other users, which come from Your environment. You have the option to click on “like” or “dislike”. You liked, liked a profile, and will also, then you both have a Match.

You can, however, also non-matching contact to the proposed profiles, or to record Your search results change, in order to find even more contacts. In the section “gallery” You will find a huge number of gallery images of the User, and can just by a mouse click, a desire to your profile.

Profile information.

well-structured Profiles with little information on women’s profiles, it is more on pictures placed many FSK18 photos available Profiles can be viewed for free on The Profiles are moderately detailed, The profile can later be changed profile pictures are free for all users are visible, You can Zwinkr at any time, Your user name change, which only very few Dating sites is the case.

Unfortunately, the questions will be answered only very rarely by women, and usually only some of the interests in the profile are displayed. In Zwinkr the members seem to be more on pictures, because to put to words. In almost every woman’s profile, in particular, in which we have recognized as fake profiles, there are several pictures in this gallery.

Very many of the photos show more than you hide, there are also some FSK18 images. The default images You can watch for free, only for the FSK18 images, You need a Premium membership.

When You visit the profile of another Person, can You see if this Person is online. This is symbolized by a green dot. Is Your online, you can speak to in the chat window with each other directly .

There is no App of Zwinkr is present, however, the site can easily be in the mobile Version use.

Practice test.

In our Zwinkr Test, the good operability and the striking us first noticed the Similarity with Tinder. We have, however, made some negative experiences, especially with the high fake share.

Zwinkr invites you to a quick and easy registration via Facebook. You save yourself the tedious data entry and the promise that nothing is on Facebook, is actually complied with. Big Considerations at the user names are not initially necessary, because mistakes are forgiven. If You’re not satisfied with Your name, You have the possibility to change it via the user interface .

Curious as we are, we have first tested the search function and were pleasantly surprised when we were proposed by a number of persons from the vicinity. On closer inspection, many of the women’s profiles but, unfortunately, too perfect. It is women, mostly between 18 and 20, the show more than they hide. Because explicit eroticism expressed wishes, as real women do tend to be rare .

Fake profiles are on Zwinkr commonplace, unfortunately, they can also not report. With a very vaguely formulated clause, the provider indicates that third-party Hyperlinks to communicate by advertising and Zwinkr assumes no responsibility for the content of the Links. These Links are preferably sent via private message through fake profiles .

Very positive we noticed the fast search, because here is the own desires can be changed at any time. Also nice is the mobile Version of the page, you will be displayed on the phone is good and it has all the features of the main version are easily usable.

Design, functionality and usability.

The Design of Zwinkr strongly reminiscent of a copy of Tinder. Both the Logo, as well as the presentation and the functionality of remember the Dating giant. Modern it is, the Portal, all the features have always been accessible and the page load times are good.

In the mobile Version, everything works fine. A positive aspect is the ease of use for newbies. In Zwinkr is almost always self-explanatory, where a function is hidden and in no time you have discovered the most important things. What has been missing is a section with FAQs that answer the most important questions .

The Design is modern and fits to the target group.

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